About SLB Project

Benchmarking of Urban Services in Cities of Rajasthan

To establish system for providing and monitoring Service Level Benchmarks (SLB) for Water Supply and wastewater management systems in 31 cities of the state having population more than 1 lakh.

As part of this endeavour, the following are the key sub objectives envisaged :

  • Develop the framework for collection and reporting the service level indicators for urban water supply and waste water management, based on the handbook on Service Level Benchmarking issued by Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.
  • Enable temporal comparison as well as comparative performance within urban local bodies of the State and to the Standard Benchmarks.
  • Provide access of data pertaining to service delivery in water supply and waste water management sector to key stakeholders.
  • Institutionalize the Performance Measurement System so that it can aid the service providers and decision makers in further managerial action.
  • Ensure easy interface with the database pertaining to service delivery indicators collected over a period of time with structured queries.